My work is a series of contextual allegories that reveal its overt and hidden socio-political and historical messages in figurative paintings that challenge notions about the collective journeys of all people but with a focus on people of color. I paint these collective, personal and often historical (affirmed and disputed) allegories, giving them a framework to challenge the struggles of identity, power and self actualization. My subjects are in classical pictorial representations using delineations of factual chronicles and imagined mythology replete with persuasive imagery that defies the common visual library and the often polemic misrepresentations of diasporic people. I use contrasting narratives with symbolism hidden in plain view that feeds discourse in an attempt to shed light on the weaponization of race and it's hypocritical progeny.

This website serves as the reproductions gallery for Browne Studio. If you are interested in work, original or reproduction, not represented here please email [email protected].

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